Imagine conquering an unexplored river aboard one of our jet boats, or boarding our helicopter to fly to discover a totally pristine lagoon nested atop one of the many summits of the Andes Mountains. Upon setting foot on land, teams contend against each other, for the honor of capturing the best photograph of a native bird species…

Now stop dreaming and take a look at The Ultimate Nomads of the Seas Adventure: a program that features world-class service and infrastructure that is a breakthrough in incentive trips. A challenge and experience that every participant will treasure.

Why is Nomads for incentives?


Southern Patagonia is a spectacular destination. There are thousands of unexplored sites that, with the help of our guides and their professional training and knowledge of the area, can be the perfect setting for diverse and highly dynamic activities, specially designed for each program.

We are able to offer maximum flexibility, adapting the trip duration, itinerary, activities and services of the tour to the needs and objectives of each group.

You may also rely on us to organize tailor-made thematic trips. We can turn participants into scientists on a mission to analyze the behavior of cetaceans, stage the ultimate survival workshop, arrange for an enriching fly fishing experiential course or get everybody involved in a scouting project.

Every morning our guests will wake up to different sceneries and schedules filled with new activities that include the use of amazing, cutting-edge gear.

If the base for your expedition is our ship, you can be certain that we will provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, conducive to a relaxed, friendly and open interaction among all our guests. This environment allows you to break free from the restrictions and formalities of the “real world”.