Elite skiers now have the unique opportunity to enjoy a new Nomads adventure: Patagonia Heliskiing.

Our guests can live the one of a kind experience of being lifted off in a Bell 407 helicopter from aboard the Atmosphere and flown to exclusive locations in the Andes and Coastal Mountain Ranges of the Patagonia. The helicopter will transport the adventurers to peaks that have been previously explored by Nomads´ specialists, proving their accessibility, level of difficulty and quality of descent.

The virgin snow allows expert skiers to slide down at great speed on slopes overlooking the sea and with panoramic views of glaciers and fjords. Few places in the world offer such a spectacular combination of perfect snow, adrenaline packed adventure and breathtaking landscapes.

Skiers can also experience wide array of other activities such as trekking, kayaking, rafting hidrospeed and jetboating in unexplored surroundings of incredible beauty, in the southernmost corner of the world.

Back onboard the Atmosphere, our Heliski guests enjoy Nomads´ Grand Class service; high cuisine, open bar, SPA, specialized attention and all the other components which make this voyage an unforgettable and unique experience.

Unlike our other programs, Heli-skiing program will not be available on every Nomads trip but only on exclusively programmed trips from mid September to November – the best months to ski in Patagonia due to their climatic conditions.

We invite expert skiers to explore an until now unseen side of Patagonia and ski the virgin snows of the southernmost mountains on the planet, a place only Nomads has reached and where our guests will be pioneers.



All our pilots are very experienced in high mountains flying conditions, they count with thousands of flight hours, and were all trained by the Chilean Air Force.



Beb Echene and Maxim Balakhovskiy are our qualified lead guides, ex Pro Riders and pioneers of Heliskiing activity in Chile. They both count with extensive knowledge of the Andes Mountain range and has 15 years of experience guiding in Chile.

All our guides are qualified professionals and have a very good knowledge of the area.
Each guide is equipped with an altimeter and a GPS and can give information about the vertical drop done by the clients wherever they are.



A bag pack with an Arva, shovel and an avalanche transceiver is loaned to each rider. Every participant will assist to the security briefing done by the guides about the use of each piece of equipment before leaving the cruise, the guide assisted by the pilot informs the riders how to behave around the helicopter.

Each guide is in permanent communication by VHF or UHF with the base and the pilot.

A snow report on and current conditions is visible in the guide’s office daily.