How many hours do we fish on an average day?

Normally we offer in a average day 10 hours of fishing.

What species of fish will be typically captured?

Rainbow, Trout Brown, Trout Brook, Trout Steelhead, Trout Sea, Run Brown, Trout Land & Locked Salmon Chinook

Does the helicopter count with security measures to operate over water?

The helicopter has a float kit designed for operations over the water. Each passenger will have life preservers and ad-hoc survival kits and the pilots and crew are trained in heli deck Operations.

How many hours of flight are considered in a weekly package?

On average our guests will be provided with 5.5 to 6 hours a week of flight time to complete the program.

Do you have safe deposit boxes?

Nomads of the Seas does not take responsibility for the loss of money, travelers checks, jewels or any other personal values. But for your security, all cabins do include safe deposit boxes

How can I pay aboard the ship?

Payments can be made via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners, American dollars, Euros or Chilean pesos.

Is there telephone service on board?

Nomads, has satellite telephones that have worldwide coverage. They work with prepaid cards which can be purchased on board.

Which are the embarking and disembarking hours?

We embark on Saturdays, and the process is done between 11:00 AM and 16:00 PM. By 16:00 all passengers must be in the Marina. Disembarkment is done between 8:00 and 9:00 AM also on Saturdays.

What type of clothes should I take for fishing?

Weather in Patagonia is constantly changing. We recommend the layered approach. More emphasis on wind and water rather than on cold weather should be made. We suggest medium weight under garments in November, December, middle of March and April as they work the best. Light weight garments can be used during the rest of the season, January, February and middle of March. Some tips:
Gore-Tex waders are recommended due to the amount of travel and movement.
One normal and one light rain jacket.
At least one wind proof jacket.
For jet boat and zodiac tours we recommend a pair of medium to light gloves.
Polarized glasses are a must for protective eyewear bring an extra pair.
Hats and or caps for sun protection and water repelling.
Comfortable wading boots (no spikes) with felt soles and gravel guards are necessary. We discourage the use of waders with incorporated boots as you will walk a fair amount in them.
Medium to heavy weight socks must accompany your outfit.
Sunscreen, lip cream and insect repellant will be required frequently during periods of extended sunshine.
During January we recommend you abstain from using blue colored clothes as in some areas there might be certain flies that are specially attracted to this color. Besides fishing, most of your activities will be on the ship. Protocol calls for walking without the use of shoes while inside the ship. You are always expected to wander around shoeless and in your socks or with specially designed shoes with no soles for these purposes, so keep this in mind when packing. A pair of shoes with yachting soles (Sperry Top Siders type) is the best to keep near the access to the deck if you wish to go outdoors while still on the ship as these are slip proof and will keep you safe in the event you encounter a wet deck. Sometimes you may leave the ship to go to shore and no specialized clothes is necessary besides perhaps a water proof over pant and jacket to provide minimum protection against wave splash or rain when traveling in our tender.

Do you consider transportation from the airport to the Nomads base?

Yes, we offer transportation from Puerto Montt`s airport to the ship`s embarking in the Naviera.

Do you have some type of laundry service on board?

We do not have laundry service on board the Atmosphere.

What type of electricity there is in the ship?

The electric system of the ship supplies 220 Volts.

Is it necessary to carry passport and visa?

Passport and visa requirements change according to the country of origin, for which should verify before making your reservation. You will need your passport for your check in and during your stay on board the Atmosphere.

Is there a gift shop on board?

There`s no gift shop on board; however, we do carry some specific articles (i.e. flies). Our land-based marina carries all of our gift shop articles.

Does the ship have elevators?

No, there are no elevators on board.

Can we bring pets?

Even though we are animal lovers, for practical reasons we are not prepared to carry pets.

What is included in the cruise rate?

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and appetizers Open bar (except for special liquors)
All activities on board
Double or single occupancy according to the requested reservation
Daily fly fishing excursions as scheduled
Daily whale watching and ecotourism excursions as scheduled
During all fly fishing excursions and ecoturims activities, Nomads of the Seas provides complimentary jet boat, helicopter and zodiac services.
Additionally, Nomads of the Seas offers complimentary in and out transfers while in Puerto Montt.