This program is, without a doubt, an experience full of adventures and surprises that will captivate the hearts of all courageous explorers that go deep into this adventure.

Reaching places where man has never been before, fishing in places that haven’t suffered human alterations, pollution or any kind of intervention other than that of Mother Nature is the privilege that our guests will experience with Nomads of the Seas.

To keep its promise we rely on our cutting edge aero-maritime transport system consisting of a Bell 407 helicopter, jet-boats, a Hurricane 920 RIB zodiac, and other lesser watercrafts such as zodiacs and catacrafts. Meanwhile, 36 McKenzie boats and 12 jetskiffs are placed in strategic spots of the Patagonia, readily available for fishing trips in deeper territory. This equipment allows us to penetrate into the most secluded rivers, lagoons and mountains, some of them lying untouched and unseen, waiting to be discovered.

In Ultimate Fly-Fishing, the angler may become part of a scouting team, which adds a whole new dimension to each expedition. There is no such thing as being bound to a specific location; groups are free to explore privileged sites, including some that have rarely, if ever, seen a fishing line. Due to these conditions, trophy catches are not hard to find at Nomads.

Suggested Fishing Gear

It´s not necessary to travel with a wide variety of flies. You can have general patterns in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. If you have an extensive selection of trout flies, bring them with you since many of the patterns will work.

The list on the following page is a general guideline only, you can rely on the guides to supplement with more specific patterns if necessary.


  • Pattern Color / Characteristic Size
  • Adams Parachute 14-18
  • Goddard Caddis (or elk Tan or Brown 12-16 hair caddis)
  • Stimulator (include some Yellow 6-10with rubber legs) Orange 6-10
  • Chernobyl Ant or similar Black/Orange 6-8 large foam flies (Fat Albert, Black/Yellow 6- 8 Paratoon Hopper, etc) Black/Tan 6-8


  • Pattern: Color/Characteristic Sizes
  • Copper John Black or Green 16
  • Hare’s Ear Natural 14-16
  • Flashback 12-14
  • Pheasant Tail Flashback-beadhead 16-18
  • Natural 12-16
  • Rubber Leg Stone Weighted 6
  • Bitch Creek Weighted 6-8
  • Soft Hackle Natural or Olive 14-16
  • Stone fly 8-10-12


(bring a selection of weighted and un-weighted streamers)

  • Pattern Color/ Characteristic Size
  • Wooly Bugger Olive, black 6-8
  • Krystal Bugger Olive,black 6-8
  • Matuka Olive 6
  • Leech patterns (preferably Black 4-8 tied with rabbit fur)


  • Forceps
  • Line snipers
  • Fishing vest or chest pack


  • One 4 or 5 weight, 9 foot, 4 piece fast action rod is the most used in Patagonia.
  • However sometimes a 6 and 7 weight rod comes in handy for places where heavier lines are used.
  • We suggest that you take at least one pack rod that you can carry on to the plane.


High quality, disc-drag models with a minimum of 150 yards of backing.


  • Line according to the rod weight
  • Mini Tips for nymphing
  • One shooting tipper Line (150 to 200 grains).
  • One line WF for dry fly fishing.* We insist that passengers bring their own gear, however in case of an emergency; we have some limited rental gear on board.

Fishing Clothes

We suggest medium weight under garments in November, December, middle of March and April as they  work  the best. Light weight  garments  can be  used  during  the rest of the season, January, February and middle of March.

During January we recommend you abstain from using blue colored clothes as in some areas there might be horse flies that are specially attracted to this colors.

We suggest bringing the following fishing garments:

  • Waders: Breathable waders preferably Gore-tex
  • Wading Shoes: Light pair, comfortable (no spikes), with felt soles and gravel guards are necessary.
  • We discourage the use of waders with incorporated boots as you will walk a fair amount in them.
  • Shirts: blend ventilated fishing shirts
  • Socks: Medium to heavy weight socks must accompany your outfit.
  • Insulation: Optional, for under your waders, we recommend Patagonia Capeline.
  • Rain Jacket: Water and windproof


  • Soft luggage and duffle bags are much easier to handle and pack.
  • Dry bags are a must for excursions (Cascade design or NRS).
  • Sun Glasses: These must be polarized
  • Sunscreen: SPF 30 or higher. Waterproof is best (you can get easily sunburned).
  • Sun Blocking Lip Balm
  • Photo Camera and Extra Batteries
  • Binoculars: Optional. It`s best if you are going on an wildlife trip.

Extraordinary fishing guides

Our fly fishing guides are highly trained in fly fishing techniques as well as safety. They have undergone numerous hours of specific training such as casting techniques, digital photography, coastal sailing, survival techniques, service excellence workshop, fire prevention & extinction, first aids, zodiac boat handling, mechanics, among others.

They will accompany you in this great adventure; anglers will have the opportunity to fish with a variety of different guides’ trough out the course of the week.