Nomads of the Seas, Patagonian adventure acquire an entire new meaning aboard the Atmosphere.

Guillermo Rodríguez, Chilean renowned chef, and President of the Chilean chapter of Les Toques Blanches, will introduce our guests to the unique flavors of the Chilean cuisine, blending these to international standards.

The best wines have been chosen for Nomads of the Seas, all of them combine with our gastronomy so each dish is paired with its perfect match. The wines were chosen from different Chilean vineyards, many of them are not known to mass consumers. This is why Nomads worked, with Guillermo Rodriguez’s team to choose the most adequate wine for each dish served on board.

Rest and relaxation are an essential part of the adventure aboard Atmosphere. To this end, Nomads of the Seas created a program to achieve a different and reenergizing connection in direct contact with the natural elements. Its Spa experience includes connecting to the richness of the sea and its regenerating properties through the hot tubs, located on the fifth deck.

The privileged view of the surrounding landscape, in addition to the hot water, will award guests with a repairing rest. The sauna and a massage table, also located on this deck, are the perfect complement for the tubs. They can be enjoyed alone, with wine or cocktails, which are permanently available.

At Nomads we want guests to feel at home. They can wander through the ship’s comfortable accommodations, talking with the ships crew and guides, admiring the view or meeting up with the select group of passengers. Our ship is accordingly transformed into a warm refuge after guests have enjoyed the area’s great beauty, and extreme geographical conditions.



There are 10 Deluxe Twin cabins and 2 Deluxe King cabins located on the second deck and 2 Premium King cabins on the forth deck.

Each cabin has a private bathroom with hair dryers, air conditioning and heat controls, safe deposit box, electricity plugs, as well as storage in drawers and under the bed. Each room has panoramic windows to enjoy the breathtaking sites we shall visit.

In cabins and common areas there are electricity sockets available for you to plug in your personals (220 volts with L type sockets), so we recommend bringing along adaptors if necessary.


When Nomads of the Seas was just a project, the elements that the mothership should have were already clear: it must be an intimate, comfortable and stylish design vessel, where each space should be created to provide its guests with maximum comfort and safety.

The second must was that it should be able to carry a complete and sophisticated aero maritime system that carried the passengers deep into the wild and mythical Patagonia even in the hardest geographical conditions.

This way, the Atmosphere was conceived and designed by a team composed by professionals from Nomads of the Seas and Asenav Shipyard ( Asenav, also in charge of the ships construction, is a company internationally renowned for its work with Patagonia-navigating ships. The entire design and building process took approximately two years, concluding in October 2006.

45.7 m long and 10 m beam, Atmosphere is categorized as a “Small Ship”. Its overall capacity is of 28 passengers (maximum of 12 anglers) and 32 crew members. Design-wise, it entails a complex engineering layout, in order to safe and usefully accommodates the aero maritime transportation crafts and the grand class only Nomads can offer.

The design and interior decoration were entrusted to Enrique Concha B. & Diseñadores Asociados, a well-established Chilean design firm that conferred the boat with a touch of purity, intimacy, refinement, sense of warmth and simplicity.

This way, the Atmosphere strikes a perfect balance between substantial exploration capabilities and a unique and noble style. It guarantees all our guests a pleasant, exciting and safe voyage through Patagonian waters.


The design and interior decoration were conceived by the renowned Chilean designer, Enrique Concha B. and his staff. The ship spaces have a touch of clarity, intimacy, refinement, warmth and simplicity.

The Mother ship’s cabins have been built with extreme care, emphasizing the importance of comfort and safety above all things. You`ll also find an exquisite décor, so you definitely won`t miss anything from home. You`ll also feel our warm and thoughtful service during your trip.

There is a spacious and comfortable combination lounge, dining room and bar area in the boat deck. This is where you would do much of your socializing and eat your meals. The setting is casual and filled with fun and entertainment. In this area you can find books, and music to complement your stay.


The Nomads Patagonian adventure acquires an entire new meaning aboard Atmosphere with the delicious culinary varieties, refined Chilean wine tastings and the joy of newfound friendships in beautiful surroundings.

Nomads’ gastronomy is one of the many treats passengers can experience on board. It is the gateway to the Chilean cuisine. Its distinctive feature is the wide variety of native ingredients found in the southern part of Chile and used in traditional Chilean preparations. Its repertoire includes fish such as salmon, grouper and hake; among shellfish are abalone, sea urchin, krill and king crab. Red meats include lamb, beef and also a few game birds.

Food preparations will be presented in frequent gourmet events throughout the journey aboard Atmosphere, all accompanied with special Chilean wines carefully selected for each course by our sommelier, including some varieties hard to find in the market.

After savoring each culinary adventure take some time off to enjoy a wide variety of cigars that can be found on board and exquisite drinks carefully prepared by our bar tenders.


A sophisticated aero maritime transportation system is one of the highlights of the Nomads of the Seas adventure, all so that you can get in touch with the magnificent beauty of Patagonia: breathtaking glaciers, rivers, lakes, fiords and mountains are just some of the sceneries you will enjoy while using some of these water toys.More than 80 boats are related to your Nomads trip. This fleet has been carefully selected by our professionals and thought to make your Nomads experience an unforgettable one.

ALUMINUM BOATS (jet skiffs): Powered with a 35hp Yamaha Jet Drive, they allow our expert guides to reach undiscovered rivers going through extreme shallow waters. Their versatility is unique.

OCEAN KAYAKS: For those who like to try kayaking in Patagonia these are safe, sturdy and comfortable boats. They also carry safe, resistant gear, and above all, are very comfortable, allowing explorers to visit different sites, visit sea lion colonies and explore the most impressive rivers and fiords of Patagonia.

TOURING KAYAKS: Our new hybrid inflatable and framed Kayaks allows great Helikayaking in Patagonia. They are easy to assemble, fast, comfortable and stable. Great for floating down remote rivers while enjoying the scenery.

JET BOATS: Powered with 250 and 400hp Sport Jet Optimax engines, our fleet of Jet Boats is on board. Guided by Nomads professional drivers, you will plane and dribble gorgeous rivers and canyons though Patagonia. This is for sure a highlight in your trip. These jet boats are capable of cruising through very shallow rivers and lakes thanks to their jet engines that have been manufactured upon our request, achieving a final product of unsurpassed technical quality.

RAFTS: Equipped for 4 to 8 people our rafts are perfect for soft and stable rafting through the Patagonian Rivers.

RIB ZODIAC: 920 powered with two 250 hp four stroke Yamaha Engines, used by the US Navy Seals, designed to successfully navigate all sea and weather conditions. It was conceived for military operations and is equipped with all safety and maneuvering elements to juggle trying circumstances. One of its main features is an aluminum hull surrounded by an inflatable device. Each seat was built with an independent shock absorption system, to ensure a pleasant and safe navigation.

DRIFT BOATS: Fully equipped units are permanently located in more than 20 unexplored locations, to practice great fishing in lakes and lagoons. They have reduced water friction, are very stable and easy to steer. These and other traits, like their low center of gravity, make them especially fit for fishing, being particularly used for Fly Fishing in lakes and lagoons.

ZODIAC: When scouting new fishing spots, nothing better than our portable Zodiacs powered with 18hp Tohatsu engines. Their lightweight structure make them fit for airborne transportation to multiple fishing locations using the Nomads Bell 407 helicopter. So get on the helicopter, find the right spot and go fishing!


After an intense day out in Patagonia, replenish your energy at Atmosphere`s Relaxing Area, which includes a sauna, massages and hot tubs.

On the fifth floor you will find the hot tubs, heated at 37ºC, the steam filling the air with pleasant aromas. Submerging in these waters is a great way to relax after an excursion.

The sauna is also located on the fifth floor, alongside the tubs, and you can ask regarding massage schedules and prices with our concierges with a great panoramic view of the area.


Nuestro helicóptero, un Bell 407, es uno de los mejor equipados del mundo, con capacidades IFR de piloto único para enfrentar casi cualquier condición climática, además de la posibilidad de llevar a nuestro huéspedes de manera segura a tierra firme bajo condiciones intensas de clima o visibilidad limitada.

Motores delanteros y traseros de 15 pulgadas con una capacidad inédita de movimiento de mapa le brindarán una muestra gráfica sobresaliente de donde está volando. Cestas de carga transportarán nuestros zodiacs, motores fuera de borda y todos los equipos relacionados a lugares que exigen medios seguros de transporte, y no sólo a pie. Otras características incluyen un interior de lujo con aire acondicionado y calefactores árticos para todo tipo de temperaturas.


The Atmosphere is the perfect combination of comfort and security in its maximum level. Everything is thought to offer utmost on board safety and offer our guests an experience where their greatest concern is if the next expedition course will be towards a hidden lagoon in the middle of exuberant forests, or to discover millenary glaciers.

The entire ship complies with the rules/regulations of the American Bureau Shipping (ABS), Ship Classification Society. Meaning that all essential parts of the vessel, hull as well as equipments, are built/purchased under their complete supervision and certification.

Furthermore, the ship is equipped considering rules of the authorities under which flag set sail: Chile. These regulations follow recommendations of international organizations such as IMO (International Maritime Organization) and SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) in addition to the special safety standards of a passenger vessel.

Our Mothership complies with:

  • – Vessel and equipment certification issued by the Maritime Authority of Chile, in compliance with all IMO (International Maritime Organization) provisions.
  • – Passenger vessel and equipment certification by the American Bureau of Shipping, in compliance with the Rules and Regulations for Passenger Vessels for 2006.
  • Certification in Progress
  • – Maritime Safety Management Certification of our Operations under ISM Code (International Management Safety Code)
  • –  Certification of Protection Management of our Operations, under ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Security)